Friday, 28 September 2007

Concours de Elegance 2007

For motor vehicle lovers, especially oldies on wheelies, then this is your weekend. Sunday at the Ngong Racecourse, the 37th edition of the Concours de Elegance will be parading the veterans of Kenyan roads and a couple of machines from the region-Tanzania,Zimbabwe and South Africa.
I didn't manage to attend last year and I'll not guarantee my presence this year, but this is a great place to hang out and see what motor vehicle lovers can do with their beauties. Most Kenyans don't know how to maintain their moving gadgets and this can help.
It's also a fancy dress day where the best dressed couple, gent and lady will be rewarded. If you're into dressing like a pal of mine does on a Friday, then be there at the racecourse. Gates open at 10.00a.m. And be on the look-out for ladies out to hook the 'big fish', it was an interesting encounter for a person I know !

Tusker Weekend Action

It's been hyped and run throughout the media for sometime now. It's a fresh idea that's true and its also featuring a main discipline in sports for Kenyans to identify with. This is the Tusker Athletics International Meet.
A brainchild of one Martin Keino-part founder of Keino Sports Marketing-and Tusker brand, this is the 3rd year it's being held. This time though it will have a different timing with the events starting in the afternoon spilling over to the early evening, modelling it around more established Grand Prix events in Europe. There were to be star attractions but the last week has seen a flurry of withdrawals which has dimmed the shine on the event.
OK, having met Martin a couple of times, I believe he has what it takes to bring in professionalism in a sport that has seen leadership cartels ( does this sound familiar....Kenyan politics ?). He has also over the years built a good rapport with athletes getting them to focus not just on the professional aspects of their careers but also the future after retiring from the sport. Having been mentored by one of Kenya's famous athletes (and also fathered) by Kipchoge Keino, it goes without saying that he will be making more headlines as we go along.
There are certain qualms though which I think they would have addressed if they were wishing to attract more fans for the event;
- crowd-involving events- for example, in between the short races, they can have skits and also promotion drives by the event's sponsor,
- special events- what am I talking about? We can have a 'celebrity 100m or 4x100m relay where you invite Kenya's prominent faces be it in the media,other sports disciplines or even politicians. Who knows with elections around the corner some of these guys could use some free publicity to get by.
-celebrated personalities-wouldn't it be fair to reward some of our outstanding sportsmen and women at such an arena ? It would also be fair to have more African athletes involved, like the Ethiopians.
All in all the direction it's headed is good, the hype somewhat misplaced but all the same let's hope to pop in and

Another Daily hits the streets

In less than 3 months, a second daily has been launched by one of the top media-houses in Kenya. Nation Media Group learnt a thing or two from the other latest entrant, The Nairobi Star and hopes to steal the shine from them with this new publication The Daily Metro.
It’s interesting that the paper has almost everything going just like the Nairobi Star, with the ONLY distinction being the price which comes for KShs. 20. This is bound to take the competition by surprise. It’s got a full-colour thingy going too, stories from local well-known personalities ( they are NOT ALWAYS CELEBRITIES as some of our media people like misuse the term), a fashion section and also a sports section.
Of importance to me and relevance here were the sports pages which I didn’t find much different from any of the other publications. The only striking story was a list of footballers being masqueraded as the top 50 football players in Kenya. I can’t believe how they came up with this ranking or what basis they used. How do you explain some top players in Kenya like Peter Dawo being placed in the 20s and other more recent players being pushed to the 40s and 50? If this is how they start, sensationalism will only take you so far (ask the East African Standard) and the paper ends up being some fries’ wrapper or just another paper on the news-stands.
Time better judge me wrong!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Doping- What does it herald for Sport?

We’ve all heard for drug cheats and the list is quite long if I start enumerating them, it will fill this write this article. It is also disturbing that despite most sporting bodies having strict dope testing rules, more and more allegations keep arising. The most famous cheat though was one Ben Johnson-Canadian sprinter –who had won the 1988 Olympics in record-breaking time 9.79 secs, only for the tests to reveal use of steroids. This led to nullification of all the records held by the athlete. Sports had finally found out an alien likely to kill it and reduce it to a fad. My antennae was all up during the Tour de France (changed to Tour de Farce due to the doping allegations), The All-Africa Games disgraced Nigerian athlete and weightlifter, the current home-runs record holder Barry Bonds alleged use of the performance-enhancing drugs to list but a few. Locally the bug bit hard on the weight-lifter D. Obiero. Even more disturbing is the open and often reckless use of the drugs in professional wrestling. The consequences have been dire as revealed recently by the suicide of a famous wrestler taking with him his wife and one child.
Steroids, blood-cleaning drugs, disguising drugs, name it is a bad name to sport. Their motive: winning. In sport, it is common word that second, third and other consequent positions don’t count except for No. One. The coaches, managers, trainers and people around top players, athletes, and performers will ensure anything to take that 1st position. Another related reason to this is the need to engage in as many games as possible and maintain good performances. This is also related to the need to recover fast in the discipline one is participating in as no sports person can afford to miss his/her play-time. Loss of time means lost opportunities; income, fame and other benefits relating to commercial aspects such as endorsements. The pressure is even worse coming from the expectations of your fans such as is the case with players in team games.
We all know how tense the Argentine team during the 1994 World Cup. Having lost the Cup to Germany in the previous World Cup and one of the best players ever to have graced the sport with the sun setting on, Diego Maradona. The players looked up to one last moment of inspiration from this player who had carried them to their 2nd title in 1986 but sadly, the footballer couldn’t redeem himself!
In a moment of exasperation sometime back some official was heard saying that there ought to be two separate Olympic Games, one for non-drugged athletes and those that have been using drugs.
That’s a dangerous point of view but somehow almost headed there. Don’t we all look back to when Games and sports events were won fair and square (OK I think I just lied right there!). We’ve heard people speculate that Kenyan athletes have some advantage from their physique, place of birth and others even saying the ‘morsik’( traditional Kalenjin milk drink) is a factor.
But my dilemma is, can we really have ‘fair and square’ sports?

World Cup 2007 - Interesting Info

I found this from some magazine covering the ongoing Rugby World Cup. New Zealand which is one of the major rugby playing nations may have to play some of the Final games (that’s if they get there), without their audience in New Zealand watching them through the broadcasts.
This follows a long-standing law by the New Zealand government regarding use of advertisements on a Sunday morning, which is the only time the games can be beamed live from France (thanks to their time-zone). This law forbids advertising between 6a.m and 12 noon on TV or any other media for religious reasons. OK for the uninformed, those adverts that you see before, during and after the live (or at times recorded) games, are the ones that make it possible by paying for these spots.
As for this, what makes it even more interesting is that the company that has been broadcasting these games -TV3 New Zealand’s commercial broadcaster- won the rights over the Government-owned TVNZ thus the ‘revenge mission’ for the Government. The ONLY time this has been lifted was during the 1984 Olympic Games.
Well, that I can say is some really cruel thing to consider. The company has now explored possibilities of broadcasting from Paris (which the law allows i.e. advertising from outside ONLY IF it’s targeted towards overseas audiences).
I’ll say like the TV3’s executives, this is an “antiquated and discriminatory” law. Truly “an ass”!

Kenya’s use of Sports Celebrities

Stanchart’s relationship building advert featuring blind runner Henry Wanyoike as he races through the Group’s marathons ( Nairobi, Bangkok ,India and Singapore); Tergat’s feature in the Yana tyres (Sameer Co.) advert OR big portrait hanging over Nairobi’s sky-line endorsing Nakumatt’s supermarkets chain; Conjestina’s fearsome look over the Muranga Road drivers showing why one should consume Tuzo milk (by SpinKnit Limited) along with a few which I can’t recall stand out as Kenya’s corporates use of Kenyan sport personalities.
It’s a plus in many ways. I would add that it takes some of the media used to communicate this to another level. A more powerful message and reinforcement is enjoyed by corporates that get the right personality and are able to deliver the goods as they say. (Who doesn’t remember the Kilometric and Kipchoge advert?)
The stakes are quite high right now. I had the chance to preview a sports campaign done by sports goods manufacturers Adidas 2007 campaign and the set is phenomenal! The message so simple and direct, “impossible is nothing”. They also used a couple of accomplished athletes in their own right, upto and including; David Beckham-football, Yelena Isinbayeva-pole vaulter, Gilbert Arenas and an array of NBA stars. The main thrust of this is to let the consumers know that they can do even the ‘impossible’ from their personal challenges. Focusing on the overcoming factor and identifying with a well-known person only serves to reinforce whatever else you identify or have in common with them.
It is not rare to find sports personalities to endorse products that have go nothing to do with sports, an instance being Tergat’s portrait on the Nakumatt banners, Tim Duncan’s MasterCard, Carl Lewis and Pirelli, Pele and Pepsi Cola, I can go on and on.
This is the challenge that I throw to the Kenya corporates. While you may want to reach a wide audience with your advertisements and other forms of promotions, it is necessary that you communicate with that same targeted audience. I’ll not name the firms but a majority have NEVER REALLY done this. They just throw away good money to promotional firms. Let’s pose the challenge to them to cut some flak to our local celebrities and get it right at that.
Back to the main highlight, the Kenyan sports scene has quite a number to pick from. Start from that!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sports in the Fringes?

For awhile now the Kenyan scene is coloured with all colours you’d think of. Well the politicos will be yelling themselves hoarse as they try keeping us busy with their sweet-nothings. This throws more important issues such as sports activities through the window. I’m bemused by these guys as some have tried being populist with this or that donation and pronouncement once a Kenyan team representing us in any discipline wins (or at times loses).
Sample this, a candidate for the top seat promised to get the national football team to the next World Cup (I don’t know whether he has the skill of one Marcelo Lippi or Franz Beckenbeur), another has gone to the extent of saying he’ll ensure Kenya is the first African nation to host the Olympic Games. I got tickled to my smallest toe.
What are these guys trying? For a country which doesn’t have a sports policy 51 years since it first appeared on the international scene, this would be taking it a bit too far. I’m yet to go through their party manifestos but then again why would I need to know when the same myopic thoughts plague them? The Governing party (or what is left of it) is also not without blame. Why do we have to wait until the bodies running the disciplines to make requests for you to act?
A point in mind is the recent success of the women’s volleyball team. They had to request for subsidies from the Government for it to have them train at the Kasarani gymnasium- the only venue where they can make/break their chances of the Volleyball World Cup in November. While I don’t believe in freebies, structures and policies ought to be in place to cater for such. Why would a team like the hockey team have to threaten for them to be considered?
Before I start getting emotional here let me say whatever party takes power in the coming elections, sport ought to be a main agenda (not the power-sharing agreements drafted in some watering hole!). What with the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Africa Cup of Nations in 2010 and the World Cup in South Africa, with their mandate ending in 2012(if they hold together) we have the Olympic Games in London. Get serious guys!

Friday, 14 September 2007

McLaren gets constructors team strip & fine

My oh my, it doesn't get worse than this. The Formula 1's team title just went through the window after McLaren-Mercedes being stripped of their points in the 2007 Formula One constructors' championship after the outcome of the "spygate" row.
The World Motor Sport Council said it would publish the reasoning behind its verdict on Friday.And McLaren team chief Ron Dennis said he would wait until then before deciding whether to appeal.
"The most important thing is that McLaren have been stripped of their points in the 2007 Formula One constructors' championship after the outcome of the "spygate" row.The team were also fined a record $100m (KShs. 6.7 billion), which includes any prize and television money they would have earned from the constructors' championship.

But drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso can keep their points.The team must also prove there is no Ferrari "intellectual property" in their cars next year before racing.The decision means Ferrari, who go into this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix second in the constructors' championship, 57 points ahead of third-placed BMW Sauber, are almost certain to be crowned champions.
More details
This is really serious stuff coming through as the season reaches its penultimate stages. Too much too much !

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Doping rares face in Kenyan sport

While I'll not be quick to judge the decision, I think it's about time we started setting our house in order. The Kenya Weightlifting Federation need be serious about their activities. This follows the suspension for 2 years of weightlifter David Obiero who last participated in the All-Africa Games in Algeria a month ago.
The world weightlifting body has also fined the Kenya Weightlifting Federation $2,000 (Sh134,000) for the positive doping case.
Qouting from the IWF doping control commission's letter, “On the analysis of his “A” sample, the laboratory reports that it has detected tomaxifen in his bodily specimen, which constitutes an anti-doping violation under the IWF anti-doping policy,” said Philippe Saint-Cyr, the chairman of IWF doping control commission. His suspension from weightlifting activity will end on June 24, 2009.
I'll remind Kenyans of another sports person who had his careers ruined because of lack of proper testing facilities and procedures in the country, John Ngugi-multiple cross-country winner, Olympic & Continental games medallist.

Corporate Kenya into sports

I post this with a positive mind going into the belief that Kenyan firms ( both local and multi-nationals) have woken up to the reality. What do I mean by this ? Sample this ;
G4S a security firm has committed funds to the development of athletics in Kenya with major focus being the 2012 Olympic Games in London. OK, we may say they have British interests and smell of British origins but at this instance if it ain't broken why fix it ?
Calling it the G4S 4teen global sports programme, the firm will hope to nurture athletes from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. There are a couple of African nations selected including Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana. Former World junior cross country champion Pauline Korikwiang yesterday signed for the G4S 4teen global sports programme that will see the security service company play a major role in nurturing her talent in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics.
I like the approach they have taken investing in the youth and targeting various regions which don't enjoy training facilities and resources as the developed countries. This will be a step in the right direction for athletics which though being a major sport in Kenya, still has deficiencies in professionalism and financial resources ( the Athletics Kenya officials should stop humouring us since they get grants from IAAF and Nike through its sponsorship).
It's also a lesson to firms such as Barclays and Coca-Cola which did a similar thing in Kenyan football but without any target ( how can they say we look to the World Cup while we can't even qualify for the continental Cup?)
Get it right the first time. Way to go G4S !

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Kenya ladies win Continental title

As earlier noted on this blog, the Kenyan ladies volleyball national team won the Africa Cup of Nations title by edging out Algeria -reigning All-Africa Games gold medallists 3-0 ( 25-23,25-22 and 25-23). This meant the team won all its fixtures undefeated after being placed in a tough group together with Cameroon -silver medallists in the All Africa Games and Algeria.
This was sweet sailing as the aforementioned teams had beaten Kenya to the bronze medal in the continental games. The success means the team now has to channel this energies to the World Cup slated for November this year. The team has make a mark after failing to win at least a game or two.
Big cheers to the team and SportsKenya accords the Team of the Week to this ladies for putting us back on top of continental ladies volleyball.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Kick-boxing to be launched in Kenya

Back in the day when we were young, there used to be these outdoor free movies that were done by some company that I can't recall. They would make their arrival in the town they were visiting and announce to all that the screening would start at around 7.p.m so better make dinner early that day.
They would also try and get the biggest open air space in the town since as usual, human beings with freebies, they just can't resist. To cut some flak to all you who went for those movies ( I can recall having gone for 2 until some rogue boys threw rotten eggs upon us & I swore never again !), there were very few VCRs then and even those who had were very private about such things lest they attract some unwanted visitors in the night.
OK, back to the freebies. Most of these happened to be martial arts movies ( again I confess to be a f-a-n-atic !) and you had this guy doing a voice-over and letting you in on the action as it unfolded on the screen. Scenes of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Karate Kid, Black Belt Jones are just but a few of the movies who's action we enjoyed.
Hunger no more ! Professional kick-boxing is to be launched soon in Kenya starting with action on the 29th of September at Charter where Kenyan kick-boxers will hope to sort the Tanzanians, Ugandans and Ethiopians in a total of 7 bouts lined up on that day.
Well, I'll not promise to be there but I'll hope for a bright future to the sport and many more enthusiasts throwing the challenge in there ( please secure some insurance before bouncing up & down that ring !)

Cricket : Odoyo is ICC Associate Player of the Year

To wipe a tear of the Kenyan cricket fans faces, Thomas Odoyo-Kenya's national cricket team all rounder was named as the winner of the inaugural Associate ODI Player of the Year at the ICC Awards ceremony in Johannesburg.
He managed to fend off the challenge of other short-listed candidates, fellow Kenyan Steve Tikolo, Netherlands allrounder Ryan ten Doeschate and Canada wicketkeeper-batsman Ashish Bagai.
He will be remembered for his efforts were instrumental in securing victory for Kenya at the inaugural ICC World Cricket League Division One in Nairobi last February and he also represented his country at the World Cup in the West Indies in March.
The Associate ODI Player of the Year Award serves to recognise and reward the efforts in ODIs of an outstanding cricketer from the six countries outside the ICC Full Members - Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, the Netherlands and Scotland.Each of the six countries was invited to nominate players and an initial 18-strong list of nominees for this award was the result.
I just wish the award would lift the players from the very dismal performances in the last One Day Internationals and 3-nations invitationals they have hosted in Nairobi and Mombasa. My brothers, I believe you ought to be playing Test cricket but alas the powers that be can't just let that happen soon !

Breaking News :Kenya Africa Volleyball Queens

Kenya secured the Africa Cup of Nations Women's Volleyball by beating Algeria at the Kasarani gymnasium in Nairobi. More updates will be made on this blog on this story.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Too little too late

With the African Cup of Nations qualifiers entering the final phases, Kenya will be ruing its chances after putting up a fight last Saturday as they played one of Africa's fast emerging teams Angola 2-1.
As I've always said on this blog, we can't expect miracles if our KFF officials don't know head or tail about what they ought to be managing. They are all over each other and the game suffers for this. The players in the meantime sacrifice their games with their clubs ( OK not that most Kenyan teams have professional outfits anyway, but the European based ones hurt).
It's good though that these officials now can't ride any wave. They have to think and work harder.
ON another note, congratulations to one Macdonald Mariga making the first Kenyan player to play in Italy, playing for Parma. He was linked with English teams before work permit issues made it impossible for him to play there. We also applaud D. Oliech making a switch to Auxerre. But brother you have to start banging the goals. As for KFF officials, I'd wish to send you to Pluto for like 2 ages then bring you back on hot plates ....BARBS all the way !

Formula 1 : Race between Hamilton & Alonso

After yesterday's Grand Prix in Italy, the race now is effectively between the two McLaren-Mercedes team mates, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. So long Ferrari !
I had said this in this blog that this would be the year for the kid and his team. I maybe too naive but he's still leading the F1's standings with his team-mate Alonso a close second with just 3 points difference.
Felipe Massa who didn't finish the race on Sunday kissed the title hopes goodbye. Third though was a Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikonnen. It's interesting that Ferrari would relinquish it's team title so early in the race. But again it's never over till it's over...

1. Lewis Hamilton 92
2. Fernando Alonso 89
3. Kimi Räikkönen 74
4. Felipe Massa 69
5. Nick Heidfeld 52

Down but not out

This athlete always suprises me. My pals say he runs races like the Kenyans- never winning major championships but making headlines in the Grand Prix events. He is easily the fastest man on the planet virtual of winning the shortest and fastest race.
Yup he broke the 100m world record lowering this by 3 micro-seconds to 9.74 secs as he had earlier set in Athens 2005 at 9.77 secs.
Having come from the World Championships with a bronze medal,every sprinter especially the Americans think he is vanquished. Show them brother !
Interestingly, looking at all the previous record holders, all the sub-9 seconds are held by athletes of Black origin. Does that say something about superiority on the field or physical attributes ?
I always wonder, if some black man got on the skis would they conquer this as well ? Time will tell !

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

African Volleyball Queens

Once again, Kenya gets to host the Africa Cup of Nations-Women's volleyball championships. This comes against a backdrop of changing realignments during the All Africa Games which saw the women's team settle for bronze. The team remains largely the same except for the recall of photogenic Janet Wanja and libero Judith Serenge.The games will played from 5th-12th September 2007.

The games will be also be used as qualifiers for the FIVB World Cup championships later this year in November in Japan. The main challengers are Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria and Cameroon. Other teams expected are Seychelles,Rwanda ,South Africa ,Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, Botswana with Uganda coming too.
The tournament will be played at a rate of 2-3 matches per day over five days.

Uganda was originally set to host the tourney but their ability was limited and the nearest best placed country to host the games fell automatically to Kenya. This will offer Kenya the chance to regain the Cup and show that they are still in contention for a place in the World Cup.
The tourney has also attracted sponsors in the name of EABL- East Africa Breweries Limited through their brand Malta Guinness attracting a kitty of KShs. 3.5 million.

Godspeed ladies ! You've got what it takes & am sure the gents will be there to 'cheer' you along !

Full squad:
Kenyan squad in residential camp- Rhoda Lyali (Kenya Pipeline), Diana Khisa (Kenya Prisons), Doris Palang’a (Kenya Commercial Bank), Asha Makuto (Kenya Pipeline), Catherine Wanjiru (Kenya Pipeline), Janet Wanja (Kenya Pipeline), Mildred Odwako (Kenya Commercial Bank), Dorcas Ndasaba (Kenya Commercial Bank), Nancy Nyongesa (Dickinson State University), Jackline Barasa (Kenya Commercial Bank), Lydia Maiyo (Kenya Pipeline), Leonidas Kamende (Kenya Pipeline), Mercy Moim (Kenya Prisons), Brackcides Agala (Kenya Prisons), Judith Tarus (Kenya Prisons), Ednah Rotich (Kenya Commercial Bank), Judith Serenge (Kenya Pipeline), Jane Wacu (Kenya Prisons).

Quick Update:
Nigeria and Seychelles will not play the games after all since they couldn't beat the deadline for registration on Tuesday 4th . Kenya is also placed in a tricky group along with Algeria -All Africa Games 2007 gold medallists and Cameroon- one of the best upcoming volleyball teams in Africa

Monday, 3 September 2007

Humble Pie

It's not often that we admit having underestimated our sports personalities performances. What with all the mismanagement and wrangling engulfing our sports disciplines, one performance is never replicated as officials flock the game in the effort to 'eat' and be fed.

Ndereba makes it for the tape with her 2nd World Championships marathon title.

But the Kenyan athletics team to Osaka did put a brave fight and the athletes collected a total of 13 medals : 5 gold 3 silver and 5 bronze. This is the best performance that the country has had since the games started in 1983. What's more admirable is the good performance by the ladies led by marathon great Catherine Ndereba and Janeth Jepkosgei in the 800m.
Another athlete who made me immensely proud is unheralded Alfred Kirwa Yego (20 years old) who showed that you don't have to be well-known and experienced to win major meet races.
They saved my blushes as I watched the final day where I thought Kenya would have grabbed 2 more gold medals than they did.
I'll say I was incensed when I saw our weaknesses repeated on the track as Eliud Kipchoge was rounded out in the final 100m by Kenyan-born Bernard Lagat to settle for silver. The guy almost strolled onto the finish line as he made easy meal of the Kenyan athletes. He made it a double winning the 1500m & 5000m to emulate his friend and Moroccan great Hisham el Guerrouj.

Alfred Yego grabs a sneaky win in the men's 800m

I'll not want to dwell on the negatives , that's another post another day, but right now I'll eat humble pie and salute all athletes who won medals in Osaka with 3 cheers going out to the gold medallists !

Janeth Jepkosgei- 800m women
Catherine Ndereba- marathon women
Alfred Yego- 800m men
Brimin Kipruto - 3000m steeplechase
Luke Kibet-men's marathon

Ezekiel Kemboi - 3000m steeplechase
Eliud Kipchoge - 5000m men
Vivian Cheruiyot- 5000 women

Eunice Jepkorir- 2000m women's steeplechase
Priscah Jepleting Cherono-5000m women
Shadrack Korir- 1500m men
Richard Matelong- 3000m steeplechase men
Moses Mathathi- 10000m men

Kenya's marathon teams
Women won world cup for title race
Men were placed 3rd for the same

The team won a total of US$ 550000 (approx 36.8 million Kenya shillings)prize money. Some loot !
Quick Rejoinder:

Thanks to Kenyanomics, I'll put a bit of brief on USA's Bernard Lagat (formerly from Kenya).

He won the gold in the 1500m & 5000m at the just concluded World Athletics Championships. This is after trying way back in 2000 while running for Kenya he won the bronze medal in Sydney Olympics and added a silver to this in the world championships in Edmonton in 2001. In 2004 at Athens -Olympics,he settled for the silver after being edged out by his friend and nemesis on the distance Hisham el Guerrouj.
In 2003 he had the lowest time in his career after being alleged to have taken performance enhancing drugs but he was exonerated from this and has recovered remarkably from the accusations.
In 2005, he became a naturalised US citizen. Outing him, he says, "Every time I run, every time I go to bed, I am thinking about a gold medal in the Olympic Games," he says. "And I want to compete for the United States. I feel I have almost a duty to run well for the American fans."
He is married and has a son. He is currently residing in Tuscon, Arizona and is contemplating buying a house in Germany Tubingen to use for residential training while in Europe for the Grand Prix meets and other competitions. He is the younger brother to Mary Chepkemboi-African champion in 1984 held in Rabat, Morocco. He says his next big dream is at least a gold medal in next year's Beijing Olympics where I guess he'll start as favourite going by this year's performance.
I also think Nike will approach him for product endorsements as will other US companies. Top $$$ bro !