Monday, 10 September 2007

Down but not out

This athlete always suprises me. My pals say he runs races like the Kenyans- never winning major championships but making headlines in the Grand Prix events. He is easily the fastest man on the planet virtual of winning the shortest and fastest race.
Yup he broke the 100m world record lowering this by 3 micro-seconds to 9.74 secs as he had earlier set in Athens 2005 at 9.77 secs.
Having come from the World Championships with a bronze medal,every sprinter especially the Americans think he is vanquished. Show them brother !
Interestingly, looking at all the previous record holders, all the sub-9 seconds are held by athletes of Black origin. Does that say something about superiority on the field or physical attributes ?
I always wonder, if some black man got on the skis would they conquer this as well ? Time will tell !

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