Friday, 21 September 2007

World Cup 2007 - Interesting Info

I found this from some magazine covering the ongoing Rugby World Cup. New Zealand which is one of the major rugby playing nations may have to play some of the Final games (that’s if they get there), without their audience in New Zealand watching them through the broadcasts.
This follows a long-standing law by the New Zealand government regarding use of advertisements on a Sunday morning, which is the only time the games can be beamed live from France (thanks to their time-zone). This law forbids advertising between 6a.m and 12 noon on TV or any other media for religious reasons. OK for the uninformed, those adverts that you see before, during and after the live (or at times recorded) games, are the ones that make it possible by paying for these spots.
As for this, what makes it even more interesting is that the company that has been broadcasting these games -TV3 New Zealand’s commercial broadcaster- won the rights over the Government-owned TVNZ thus the ‘revenge mission’ for the Government. The ONLY time this has been lifted was during the 1984 Olympic Games.
Well, that I can say is some really cruel thing to consider. The company has now explored possibilities of broadcasting from Paris (which the law allows i.e. advertising from outside ONLY IF it’s targeted towards overseas audiences).
I’ll say like the TV3’s executives, this is an “antiquated and discriminatory” law. Truly “an ass”!

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