About SportsKenya

Why SportsKenya?
Sports is in every social interaction and acts as an avenue not only for releasing energy in addition to providing a competitive edge to those involved. It's about teamwork, hard work and most of all winning ! David Stern NBA Commissioner says that, "Sports are woven into the fabric of everyday life-it's a social currency".

That much said, could we please up the stakes in sports in Kenya ? There's just enormous potential that's being left untapped. This will be a platform to help increase awareness, draw comparisons, seek views as well as leverage sports not just as for-fun affair but also the multi-faceted industry and commercialisation(or lack of).

While we may not always keep up with all the sporting news in the country and those that involve our country sportsmen and women ; as well as activities or issues that affect Kenyan sport, it will be our motivation to engage the discerning sports fans both local and international with what's happening around us and the globe as well. 

Kenya hoiiyyee!