Monday, 10 September 2007

Too little too late

With the African Cup of Nations qualifiers entering the final phases, Kenya will be ruing its chances after putting up a fight last Saturday as they played one of Africa's fast emerging teams Angola 2-1.
As I've always said on this blog, we can't expect miracles if our KFF officials don't know head or tail about what they ought to be managing. They are all over each other and the game suffers for this. The players in the meantime sacrifice their games with their clubs ( OK not that most Kenyan teams have professional outfits anyway, but the European based ones hurt).
It's good though that these officials now can't ride any wave. They have to think and work harder.
ON another note, congratulations to one Macdonald Mariga making the first Kenyan player to play in Italy, playing for Parma. He was linked with English teams before work permit issues made it impossible for him to play there. We also applaud D. Oliech making a switch to Auxerre. But brother you have to start banging the goals. As for KFF officials, I'd wish to send you to Pluto for like 2 ages then bring you back on hot plates ....BARBS all the way !

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