Thursday, 13 September 2007

Corporate Kenya into sports

I post this with a positive mind going into the belief that Kenyan firms ( both local and multi-nationals) have woken up to the reality. What do I mean by this ? Sample this ;
G4S a security firm has committed funds to the development of athletics in Kenya with major focus being the 2012 Olympic Games in London. OK, we may say they have British interests and smell of British origins but at this instance if it ain't broken why fix it ?
Calling it the G4S 4teen global sports programme, the firm will hope to nurture athletes from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. There are a couple of African nations selected including Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana. Former World junior cross country champion Pauline Korikwiang yesterday signed for the G4S 4teen global sports programme that will see the security service company play a major role in nurturing her talent in the run up to the 2012 London Olympics.
I like the approach they have taken investing in the youth and targeting various regions which don't enjoy training facilities and resources as the developed countries. This will be a step in the right direction for athletics which though being a major sport in Kenya, still has deficiencies in professionalism and financial resources ( the Athletics Kenya officials should stop humouring us since they get grants from IAAF and Nike through its sponsorship).
It's also a lesson to firms such as Barclays and Coca-Cola which did a similar thing in Kenyan football but without any target ( how can they say we look to the World Cup while we can't even qualify for the continental Cup?)
Get it right the first time. Way to go G4S !

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