Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Kick-boxing to be launched in Kenya

Back in the day when we were young, there used to be these outdoor free movies that were done by some company that I can't recall. They would make their arrival in the town they were visiting and announce to all that the screening would start at around 7.p.m so better make dinner early that day.
They would also try and get the biggest open air space in the town since as usual, human beings with freebies, they just can't resist. To cut some flak to all you who went for those movies ( I can recall having gone for 2 until some rogue boys threw rotten eggs upon us & I swore never again !), there were very few VCRs then and even those who had were very private about such things lest they attract some unwanted visitors in the night.
OK, back to the freebies. Most of these happened to be martial arts movies ( again I confess to be a f-a-n-atic !) and you had this guy doing a voice-over and letting you in on the action as it unfolded on the screen. Scenes of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Karate Kid, Black Belt Jones are just but a few of the movies who's action we enjoyed.
Hunger no more ! Professional kick-boxing is to be launched soon in Kenya starting with action on the 29th of September at Charter where Kenyan kick-boxers will hope to sort the Tanzanians, Ugandans and Ethiopians in a total of 7 bouts lined up on that day.
Well, I'll not promise to be there but I'll hope for a bright future to the sport and many more enthusiasts throwing the challenge in there ( please secure some insurance before bouncing up & down that ring !)

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