Friday, 28 September 2007

Another Daily hits the streets

In less than 3 months, a second daily has been launched by one of the top media-houses in Kenya. Nation Media Group learnt a thing or two from the other latest entrant, The Nairobi Star and hopes to steal the shine from them with this new publication The Daily Metro.
It’s interesting that the paper has almost everything going just like the Nairobi Star, with the ONLY distinction being the price which comes for KShs. 20. This is bound to take the competition by surprise. It’s got a full-colour thingy going too, stories from local well-known personalities ( they are NOT ALWAYS CELEBRITIES as some of our media people like misuse the term), a fashion section and also a sports section.
Of importance to me and relevance here were the sports pages which I didn’t find much different from any of the other publications. The only striking story was a list of footballers being masqueraded as the top 50 football players in Kenya. I can’t believe how they came up with this ranking or what basis they used. How do you explain some top players in Kenya like Peter Dawo being placed in the 20s and other more recent players being pushed to the 40s and 50? If this is how they start, sensationalism will only take you so far (ask the East African Standard) and the paper ends up being some fries’ wrapper or just another paper on the news-stands.
Time better judge me wrong!

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