Monday, 10 September 2007

Formula 1 : Race between Hamilton & Alonso

After yesterday's Grand Prix in Italy, the race now is effectively between the two McLaren-Mercedes team mates, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. So long Ferrari !
I had said this in this blog that this would be the year for the kid and his team. I maybe too naive but he's still leading the F1's standings with his team-mate Alonso a close second with just 3 points difference.
Felipe Massa who didn't finish the race on Sunday kissed the title hopes goodbye. Third though was a Ferrari driver, Kimi Raikonnen. It's interesting that Ferrari would relinquish it's team title so early in the race. But again it's never over till it's over...

1. Lewis Hamilton 92
2. Fernando Alonso 89
3. Kimi Räikkönen 74
4. Felipe Massa 69
5. Nick Heidfeld 52


Anonymous said...

Alonso is so goning to thrash Hamilton in the last three races and then look at Hamilton from the top step scowling as he Fernando Alonso is given a third WDC

So a mesage to all Hamilton fans in advance Ha Ha

The Figure said...

I like your point of view but am not surprised that the McLarens had to slow down for this latest round of Grand Prix ( well again the track has always favoured the Ferraris)...I'd believe the fight is down to the last race & can bet on Hamilton winning one of the 3. Keep watching !