Thursday, 13 September 2007

Doping rares face in Kenyan sport

While I'll not be quick to judge the decision, I think it's about time we started setting our house in order. The Kenya Weightlifting Federation need be serious about their activities. This follows the suspension for 2 years of weightlifter David Obiero who last participated in the All-Africa Games in Algeria a month ago.
The world weightlifting body has also fined the Kenya Weightlifting Federation $2,000 (Sh134,000) for the positive doping case.
Qouting from the IWF doping control commission's letter, “On the analysis of his “A” sample, the laboratory reports that it has detected tomaxifen in his bodily specimen, which constitutes an anti-doping violation under the IWF anti-doping policy,” said Philippe Saint-Cyr, the chairman of IWF doping control commission. His suspension from weightlifting activity will end on June 24, 2009.
I'll remind Kenyans of another sports person who had his careers ruined because of lack of proper testing facilities and procedures in the country, John Ngugi-multiple cross-country winner, Olympic & Continental games medallist.

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