Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kenyan Cricket - Enter the Maasai Warrior !

The dismal performance of the Kenyan national cricket team during the ICC World Cup Twenty20 was witness to the low levels the game has deteriorated in the country. It's been a slow and gradual process where Cricket officials seem to have no clue of what ails the sport and how they can salvage the game. The technical team has also not seen any much positive change since the current coach New Zealander - Mike Hesson took over, replacing West Indies-origin, Eldine Baptiste.

This is tragic considering that the country has some truly talented cricketers both current and retired. A few weeks ago, Maurice Odumbe was in some talk-show and though most would not want to agree with everything he says, the one thing we'd recommend is use of these retired hands to inspire the current breed of players.
Just like what happens in other sports, the experienced players will always have a skill or two to impart and also lead the team from the front when it counts. Cricket Kenya officials have not been very enthusiast engaging older players in developing the local teams and having them as part of the advisory for the national team.

Maasai Cricket Warriors -
Now with the sport slowly taking a back seat as we approach the end of the One-Day International (ODI) status in 2013, the country will stand to lose the much-needed exposure of international games. Without this, it will be a hard call qualifying for the next World Cup scheduled for 2015 even though signs have been ominous that Test-playing nations will not entertain lesser minions in future World Cups.

Maybe it's about time we called in the cricket-playing Maasais onto the national team... They might inject the much-needed vigour and stamina to take back Kenya's place among respected non-Test playing countries....

{ The Maasai Cricket Warriors are currently in South Africa taking part in the Last Man Stands - World Championships in  South Africa in the Happy Hitters category. You can check their link here and also follow the Last Man Stands tournament live tweets on @LMSWorldChamps }

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