Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coca-Cola renaming Nyayo National Stadium - SSMB

After the initial botched move in 2009 when Coca-Cola East Africa had finalised a process of renaming the Nyayo National stadium, Sports Stadia Management Board - SSMB,will today make a formal announcement on the same naming process.
Since Nyayo National stadium is the second largest yet most strategic stadium, and also closest to Coca-Cola headquarters ( not that it counts...), it was only wise that SSMB to consider this venture. Though it had undergone repairs in 2010 to host the continental Africa Athletics championships,the venue has borne the burden of hosting a myriad of matches as well as national events which have heavily cost the playing surface.
Nyayo National Stadium - aerial view
The venue has also seen the worst incidences of hooliganism, thanks to over-the-top football fans. Some of its other facilities have also undergone disrepair at the basketball, handball, volleyball and swimming facilities.

This sponsorship by Coca-Cola EA will hope to have the funds to repair and spruce up the venue and its diverse choice of facilities. It will also hope to position itself as a suitable venue for various sporting events usually held here.

This is a bold move by SSMB and they can replicate the same in the other venues they have been mandated to repossess and run. They can approach corporate firms which would also work with local governments to rebuild sports venues. This can be facilitated through affordable infrastructure bonds which would mean medium to long-term investment in infrastructure.

It will also bode well for County governments to engage private developers to make suitable property developments within their respective centres to make them attractive and competitive.

For now, its another laudable move by Coca-Cola EA!

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