Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rhino Charge charges through in the last week of May

Playing into what is a busy 2nd quarter of the calendar year and forthcoming sporty weekends, the Rhino Charge takes place from the 29th -31st of May. Given that 1st of June is usually a public holiday in Kenya, it will serve as the ideal getaway for a weekend of bush action for you and your friends mixing it with charity as they seek to raise funds for the Rhino Ark - which helped fence off the Aberdare National Park to protect wildlife and the Aberdare range forest, from human encroachment.
The 4x4 showcase for many a rough road enthusiast and has lately become many corporate firms favourite way of hanging out with peers and networking. The fund-raising for each of the teams also makes it a nice run-up to the event.

UPDATE: Rhino Charge Venue Confirmed
Organisers confirm this year's Rhino Charge is at Corner Baridi past Kiserian on your way to Ole Polos - a favourite hang-out for Nairobians especially on weekends. This's even almost a long weekend given we have a public holiday on Tuesday June 1st. { well that's if you can convince your boss not to make it to work on Monday...:-)}

Book your way there with various providers of camp services and be ready for a wild weekend! Check out more details here,

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