Wednesday, 12 May 2010

2030 FIFA World Cup - Kenya 's Time ?

All protocols observed,gentlemen and the single lady representing FIFA, we the Government of Kenya wish to submit our bid for the 2030 World Cup. As Africa's second time, we believe we have the right to showcase our ability and to ensure we successfully host this once-in-a-lifetime (...twice now for Africa) tournament.
Distinguished guests, having satisfied various indicators from economic,financial and related factors; we wish to present the following 7 points as our support case.
Super-duper Highways

It must not escape your attention that we have a few years left and we have already accomplished over 95% of the Vision 2030 as set forth by our beloved 3rd Pres of the Republic. Thus are the major strides we have made;

A) Vision 2030 - this economic plan developed by a think-tank back in the later 2000s, has become one of the leading economic blueprints across Africa and indeed across the world. Countries which have recently followed our path have moved from Third World countries to Emerging Economies. As mentioned earlier, we are well ahead of schedule having consistently achieved over 10% growth rate in our GDP (check with IMF, World Bank and the most recent Inter-Continental Financial Magnates- ICFM figures). Indeed it shall be a culmination of this landmark plan & a celebration of what human effort can do with the right focus and vision from a people.

B)State-of-the-art Infrastructure : - looking at our investment on roads and related infrastructure, and with the kind help of our Chinese brothers; we have developed what maybe considered one of Africa's brand spanking roads.

We have also gotten our stadiums built to specifications that would make the Maracana Stadium look like a speck.With sophisticated arenas like the one we have along our coastline, we shall show the world what you never saw (or if you did, make your experience in Africa a premier class one). This has been the efforts of our very own Sports Stadium Management Board which is currently being consulted by the Japanese and German engineers on how they achieved this in the most astounding of engineering feats.

C) Governance :- Noting we have celebrated 20 years since we ushered in a new constitutional disposition, we have become a model nation for many a country across the continent. We have seen smooth transition of successive governments which has seen each compliment the other and continue in the 'nyayo' building blocks for our economic prosperity and serve as an 'island of peace & haven for investors'.

D) Strategic location :- Smack in the middle of the globe, we have the Equator ( 0"- latitude) running across the nation. This makes ours some of the most pleasant you could get anywhere in the world. It is the reason we have had some of the best hotels and game reserves as nature interacts with our modern infrastructure. Where else can you get wild game in its natural habitat and cities-within-cities? As you may well know we have Africa's only peak on right at the Equator with plenty of snow for those visiting from the Scandinavian countries and Eastern European regions. Plenty are the ski resorts that our visitors from these regions can enjoy.

E)Cosmopolitan centres - from Kisumu - Lakeside city,to what some call the 'Birmingham of Kenya' or 'Pineapple City' - Thika as well as the lash green area in Marsabit and our golden sandy beaches of Mombasa and Malindi, we have more than enough cities to host this colossal tournament. We have great grounds as mentioned above, electric over-head and undergrounds rails, 24-hour economic centres and more than we can mention, do come to Kenya and experience it yourself!

F)ICT - having successfully outdone the original Silicon Valley, we have managed to bring the ICT sector and currently host it in our model city of Athi (not a corruption of the word 'Earthy'). Many of the start-ups from the Silicon Valley moved their operational bases to this location along with others which have developed thanks to our innovative populace. If you do remember, as far back as the early 2000s we pioneered the mobile money transfer, the open source system for cloud-sourcing crisis information, the iHub thus attracted by our pedigree,we have most of the major companies listed not just on the German DAX, New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange and our own Nairobi Stock Exchange - the largest stock exchange in Africa in terms of capitalisation and listed companies.

G)Kenya Football scene - thanks again to your able leadership at FIFA we managed to streamline the football scene in the country back in 2010. We developed a homegrown league in the Kenya Premier League and in 7 years was attracting talent from across the globe with some the biggest names then playing in Europe ( from England's Theo Walcott, Spain's Xavi and Argentina's Lionel Messi) being among the first to play for our teams. We currently contributed over 25% of all players playing in the forthcoming 2026 World Cup and this is likely to go up on confirmation of our bid. Our able partners in this have been SuperSport which has built an out-of-this-world broadcasting centre in readiness of the 2030 World Cup.

Our esteemed hosts,we seek your indulgence and consider these as our main highlights and hope to influence your thinking as you vote for the host of the 2030 World Cup. Indeed...This is Africa, Our Africa !


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Tongue firmly in cheek.. ha ha.. good one!

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You see how England's dithering with their 2018 bid??? We're so IN THERE ...tsk..tsk...tsk !

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