Monday, 17 May 2010

UEFA Champions League 2010/2011 : Double Treat for Kenyan fans

Thanks to the exploits of their respective teams Inter Milan (Italy) and Auxerre (France), Kenyan football fans shall be treated and enjoy more UEFA Champions League 2010/2011 than has ever been. Seeing our very own is bound to change quite a number of dynamics especially TV rights  and viewership.
This year the only local TV station screening the matches was K24 (which a little birdie tells me partners with KBC, but is trying to cut its own niche). In 2008/9 NTV, Nation Media Group's Kenyan TV station had that priviledge but has left it audience asking what happened to its sports offering.
To our two brothers, it is kudos and wish Mariga's Inter all the best against German's champions Bayern Munich on Saturday 22nd May. It would be a nice crowning moment for all football fans across the country this season, before we start the 2010 World Cup in June.


Anonymous said...

To be realistic, Mariga rarely appears in the first team.
I wonder the kind of press coverage drogba would be receiving if he was Kenyan.

The Figure said...

Rare it might be but I can tell you the shift in fans and interest in the Italian and UEFA Champs league cannot be overlooked. Cut our football fans some slack,it's never been this good in a ...wait...NEVER BEFORE!