Thursday, 30 July 2009

Will you Pass the Test, Zooming Zuma

Oh Lord, please tell me I'm dreaming ...

After hosting the Confederations Cup with a measure of success, South Africans have decided to provide the first real test for Pres. Zuma and his government. This is even glowing credits from FIFA's big boys led by Sepp Blatter.
First it was the striking stadium workers. Given that South Africa has some real discrepancies in the income ranges and also has an expensive labour force, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Construction workers are no exception to this.
Secondly, a growing expatriate population especially from the Zimbabwe, and even as farther up as Kenya has seen the local populace become rather uncomfortable with the opportunities that these 'foreigners' get and the monies paid.
Another issue, is the 'over-promising' that the ANC politicos made during thier campaigns to retain power. Some 500,000 jobs were promised even as the economy was starting to reel from the recession that was bound to land on their coast. Funny that that promise has now been rescinded.
This is a very precarious position that the 2010 WC hosts put the rest of Africa in. With the foreign media jumping at any opportunity to get at the insecurity concerns of the country,it will take a lot of PR and serious restructuring of the security agencies. The local citizens also need to know that they have the chance of a lifetime hosting this magnanimous tournament, and are jeopardising future contenders for international events in Africa.
Your excellency, Zuma Jacob, over to you !
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