Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Controversy brews in Brazilian Samba (pensioners) Kenyan trip

As we had earlier reported, it's true the Brazilian football team was making a trip into Kenya. The ONLY small bit in the fine print was the fact that these were the retired players. This has led the Football Kenya Limited management to cry foul and claim they are not in need of 'tutoring' lessons from the Brazilians.
I would seek to entertain a different point here by the fact that, in all fairness, we can't call up the first team of the current Brazilian national team. It's way beyond our league to even try thinking of. The best we could get is a pep talk with a select side.Their main players are already in Europe preparing for the upcoming season while the others are back in South America as their national league continues (-:
You may need to know that their sponsors are very specific about such friendlies and what value will arise from it. It has to make commercial sense and not just some patchwork of a game. Planning my friends, planning !

As such, we can start with the older brothers who would offer invaluable experiences to the Kenyan boys. You never know, we could even have one or two left behind to offer technical expertise to the national team management ( that is if German coach allows it...)

Eat humble pie FKL ! You too ambitious thinking of hosting such giants while you're still sorting your backyard.

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