Thursday, 30 July 2009

Swimming body bans suit as Kenya's own burst his twice...

FINA, the international swimming federation has banned the swimming gear from all competitions from next year. This is due to the number of world records that keep breaking even before the previous ones have been recorded.

I would beg to differ with that thought since in as much as the costume aid the swimmers in setting new times, the sport is highly technical and prone to close times. The swimmers train hard and the times we see are as a result of this. When some official steps up to say that some piece of synthetic cloth is making a difference, they are in short looking for excuses.
Our very own Jason Dunford burst his suit twice yesterday and had to contend with a borrowed from our 'friendly' neighbours Uganda to compete in the 50m fly. Goes to show why you can't sever ties with your friends...
So now what will the pool swimmers look like ?

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