Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sports Purism

This tempest is not about to end anytime soon. Such has been the drama and disillusions in sports in Kenya that at times you wonder why we even bother follow our sporting scene. My misgivings have been on quite a number of things….

Starting with the basketball federation which could not resolve the issue of representation of clubs in the voting process- which I think has been long overdue, how else do you play the league without the clubs?- onwards to the ever-boring sagas of football in Kenya, the poisoned chalice that is sports associations in Kenya to the now irksome business of naming a stadium.

For sports purists and practitioners who hope to make sports in Kenya what it ought to be, these shenanigans WILL NOT STOP US from achieving that and for those who thought this fire’s been put out, THINK AGAIN !  

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