Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Rose by any other Name….


Thanks to the short-sighted nature of our politicals, Coca-Cola has cancelled the KSh.117m deal with the SSMB. After what the Coca-Cola Country Manager, Alex Maditsi said is 'untenable' referring to the Minister's demand that the name be changed to Nyayo Coca-Cola Stadium. Don't we love shooting ourselves in the foot all the time? And we thought we were heading somewhere lest we miss the 2010 bus? A fellow Minister said it on Wednesday that we're not doing enough to attract business relating to the World Cup.Lost, truly despicable !

For those in the know, we had one of the ground-breaking moments to applaud the Sports Stadia Management Board pulling through a deal, having one of the biggest local stadiums named.

This went on well and even as the stadium hosted the national team in a qualifier in March, we were still smiling with glee at the prospects this had on the sporting world. But no sooner had the ink dried on paper than some Government operatives started throwing tantrums about this and that – not being ‘consulted’ the other being the name change…of course this is what they bought RIGHTS , duh?

Now I have never had serious reservations with the Minister in charge of sports (some of my kin think she’s always quick to jump into some glory which may not even have been associated with the Ministry’s efforts or none therein).

But getting messages from sporting enthusiasts about the insistence on the name “Nyayo” sticking to the stadium that is now Coca-Cola Stadium, I begun having my misgivings about the whole thing. If you don’t know sports business, please Ms Minister stick to the welcoming delegations and the visits to the Hill accompanying departing teams. You can also enjoy  a game or two of rugby in your many overseas trips as well as visit the major capitals of the world as a Kenyan is bound to win a marathon, road-race or athletic meet in any of those.

Please keep out of the business side of things, you’ve proved to be just like other Government operatives of which I have little respect for as many of the Kenyans can attest to right now.


SIDENOTE:The Sports Stadia Management Board was supposed to get its new head a few months back but the first appointee lost his life on a road accident while the current ‘appointee’ – (who incidentally served as an educationist in the national union…’****!!!??P????P)Two wrongs do not make a right (as cliché as it may sound)…follow the due process Ms Minister ! Tragedy, real tragedy……


DataMiner said...

I actually have no words myself. From the time she started throwing tantrums, I knew it was a gone case. I thought being a professor and all presumed mental acuity, but.. What do we want to remember about Nyayo anyway? There are enough schools and farms already named after him, as well as that thing opposite Uhuru Park. And if she wants to poke her nose everywhere (SSMB is supposed to be autonomous, even getting it's own funding..) then we're sunk. I thought we stopped using thorax a long time ago!!

Sportskenya said...

Knowing Coke guys, I too was not suprised, they need to maintain a professional outfit but looking at the 2010 WC I thought these guys would hide their greed but then again THIS IS KENYA, who are we kidding?
I'm so tempted to join the religious leaders in calling for polls to banish this whole lot...asking too much maybe not !