Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sam Mwai's Legacy

One of Kenya's most consistent and visible sports management practitioners had his term expire. He who managed to bring the shine back to two of the country's biggest and most noticeable stadia. One of his last briefs was the negotiation of the naming rights of the Nyayo National Stadium into the Coca-Cola Stadium.
When he was appointed back in 2003, I thought this was another of the snobbish uptight guys fit for a fairway types. He managed to sit in well with most of the staff and slowly built a legacy which I hope the successor doesn't trample all over it.

Actual image of Kasarani Stadium at night- photo courtesy of SSMB

Well as they say, one journey comes to an end another starts...I'm sure this is not the last we have heard of Sam. The upcoming golf clubs and some really impressive one at the Coast may think of hiring his services-where he started.
Better still he may serve as a consultant for the Sports Stadia Management Board which still needs a hand in quickly revamping a couple of other stadia countrywide as we hope to reap some stay from visiting teams for the World Cup.
He truly deserves a place in our sports annals for bringing the glory (and the crowds-sic !) back to our stadia.
SSMB- kazi kwenu...you have your cloth clearly cut !

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