Friday, 29 May 2009

Rhino Charge Weekend

Wow, it has been a crazy week for those living in Nairobi. What with the rains which pour appropriately an hour or so before official working hours. Some of you have been wading through the waters into the house late into the night.
Not to worry. This weekend you can find yourself in the wild at the Rhino Charge, this time hosted at Mogotio- Rift Valley. The brief is to enjoy a ride out of town and engage in a race in the wild covering the shortest distance after briefing and using all sorts of means to get there.
All this is for a good cause as you would know the money raised is used by the Rhino Ark
 to fence the Aberdare Forest which is one of the country's water sources and major forest hosting wildlife which is a main attraction for anyone visiting the country.
Take the weekend off, it's going to be a long one (thanks to the holiday on Monday), enjoy the ride.

More Action:
As you make your way to the Rhino Charge on Sunday, do take a detour tomorrow to make a visit to the Great Rift Rugby tournament which starts today. This is one of the main attractions on the local rugby scene and coming post-Impala Floodlights , it is bound to be explosive. For more details check here. You can also watch the IRB Rugby 7s Series which comes to an end this weekend at the Edinburgh - Scotland Sevens-the last in the circuit. A good way to crown a great tournament. 

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