Friday, 29 May 2009

Kenyan Football dithers....

It is not anything new on Kenyan football. The usual noise about the national team has been covered elsewhere adequately. That the now infamous stadium naming disconcertation is still being discussed in Parliament, really no suprises !
Let's think though of the missed opportunities ;
1) Kenya's playing Nigeria in 2 weeks:- in protest, I will not even bother watching the game. We were to have some friendlies as part of the preparations but all we've seen is a mulish coach and non-committal club coaches and players. 
2) FIFA Confederations Cup:- In June also the winners of the respective continental cups at national level and the current World Cup winners congregate in South Africa, to test the grounds and preparedness of the host nation to host next year's World Cup. Kenya being the hub of the region is undoubtedly supposed to host a team or two even if it's for 3-5 days before they descend to SA. That is not looking good from my vintage point. With our priorities geared to self-destruction, other countries in the region are waiting with glee. Watch the Tanzanians and Rwandans too.
3) 201o World Cup:- It's no open secret that the South African will want to reap as much from the tournament as possible. There's a general feeling that maybe they are not sharing some of the fringe benefits expected from the same. They are working around the clock to ensure they get it right. Given the rivalry in regional and continental circles, and also our skewed politics; we're not in the picture. 
The lack of commercial commitment from sports associations (especially the KFF or is it Football Kenya?) has heightened this. Let's not be under any illusions that we can start making this happen next year, too late ! 
I will make a suggestion here ( after chatting with a leading sports administrator in Tanzania about their 2014 preparations), let's forget the 2010 World Cup and move on with life ! If there are good tidings from transit visitors , that's as much as we can hopefully organise well. As for the rest, let's start afresh.

Local Football Scene:
After hoping for fireworks for the first-half of the Kenya Premier League, I'm one disillusioned Kenyan. Though most clubs promised us quality games and with SuperSport screening the weekend games, they have not delivered the goods. With resignations and firings left, right and centre, you can expect the second-half to be as slow if not worse. 
Anyone willing to buy the KPL? We can sell it to willing-buyers (caveat emptor) as we're ransoming the rest of the country to hooligans and gangs. 

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