Thursday, 28 May 2009

English dominance, conspiracies and machinations

By now all you're hearing are chants of Viva Barca and the hollow excuses of ManU fans as they lick their wounds from the show  last night. Show yes it was, if you are a football fan( not to the extent of doing this), you must have loved what the Spanish team did at Rome.
My brief though takes me back to the disputed semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea where one D.Drogba turned into one gawking menacing figure infront of the camera, screaming 'it's a disgrace'.  It was said that maybe there was a theory 
from the UEFA chiefs of containing English teams which saw 3 out of the last 4 coming from England. 

Well if you look at the amounts up for grabs, you would tend to see why they would want to spread more love across Europe. Sepp Blatter -FIFA's topdog and Michel Platini have never tried to hide their disdain for the English League, especially considering the commercial success that they have seen since 1992 and managed to eclipse most European football leagues. They are also against the high price tags that players continue to attract thus making it a free-for-all trade. 

Thank you my son....job well done ! Hehehe , hors de combat Anglais ...! Platini seems to tell wanderkid Messi

UEFA even instituted new measures to ensure that the 4th placed English team meets a worthy opponent from an almost competitive league, say in Germany, Italy, France or Spain. No more easy passes playing teams from Eastern Europe with little sting.

An Italian coach (or was it?) the other day mentioned that the English teams continue winning trophies but using foreign players thus not strengthening their national squads. I could agree with that since they've only won the World Cup (1966) and almost always are tagged as favourites by their rather excitable Press. 
Back to UEFA, I guess then the conspiracy against the English teams was fulfilled in a swashbuckling display of football.
Food for thought?

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