Friday, 3 April 2009

Basketball: Kenyan lady makes a big impact in the US

Josephine catches a rebound in a game between Union University & Lambuth University in the NAIA tournament.
Photo courtesy of Union University

The Kenyan basketball scene has been rather nondescript at a time when other sporting disciplines have been excelling at different levels. Thus it was refreshing to read that a Kenyan lady is about to make a break into women's basketball most lucrative league WNBA.
While local media reports have stated that the lady has been drafted to the Indiana ladies team , fondly known as Indiana Fever, I'll not confirm that to you yet. But what I can confirm is that the lady playing in her 6th year, at the National Association of Inter-collegiate Athletics (NAIA) Basketball, has made a big impact , winning her 2nd consecutive Player of the Year award.
This is no mean achievement, given basketball not just in Kenya but most parts of Africa is still at times formative stages. In fact, there are less than 10 players from African basketball leagues and even worse is that there are very few who can make a transition without playing college games first in US- perhaps a skewed position of the game in Africa. Can NBA and WNBA or even FIBA try address such?
Back to our local hero, I do hope she's drafted to the competitive WNBA league from her Union University team which she's currently playing as centre. It bodes well for the local teams and talent which has been fairing better than their male counterparts internationally.
Please KBF use this goodwill to grow the game locally, what more do you need to wake up? For more info check here.

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