Monday, 30 March 2009

SportFive in Kenya

Logo courtesy of SportFive

On Saturday, some observant fans would have noticed that the Coca-Cola Stadium was heavily branded with some interesting boards almost like what we see in other fixtures in developed nations. A good thing.
We also heard the TV rights had been acquired by KBC ( and they better get some better equipment...what is this business of images like we're in the 1980s?). Look no further , SportFive is in town !
According to media reports, the SportFive Africa division-one Damien Delvaque -who are the official marketing company for CAF ( African Football Confederation), were the people behind the 'magic'. They have the rights for all CAF competitions, including the Africa Cup of Nations, Africa Champions League and women & youth tournaments.
I have been singing ( to the birds it seems ) but at least now it makes sense albeit to a foreign company. That's why they could afford to have their way and force the Pepsi-Cola and Nasuba adverts on us even when 3/4 of the nation doesn't even remember of any of Pepsi's products or used Nasuba for money transfer...
Let's hope they manage to convince some local companies or continental companies with a local franchise to place their adverts next time. That way we'll cheer on our team as we enjoy their products or services...good job though, we can learn immensely and with the Junior Rugby tournament in April we should know what to do with our playing grounds...
Out of curiousity, who negotiated the deal on behalf of FKL? These guys may ransom our national team without our did we get into a deal with Adidas for national kits which 'disappeared' even before being worn?


DataMiner said...

As you may have seen from my blog, Kenyan companies seem asleep to such opportunities. I was at a bar where a Kenya Airways employee (don't know if he holds any clout) swore that they would do anything to get back the rugby jersey from Virgin.. like they had never seen a proposal for that. I hear Mahinda has pledged the same.. interesting times ahead..

SportsKenya said...

That's true the Kenyan companies always playing catch up....why do we have to wait for other companies(foreign for that)to come and then we start thinking about the necessary?

The kenyan football digest said...

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