Friday, 3 April 2009

Volleyball: Gloves come off

After playing their qualifying matches and moving to the quarters, Kenyan teams , Kenya Prisons and Kenya Pipeline have been disqualified from the tournament-African Womens Club Championships.
For what has been a low key event and an even worse PR job from the organisers, this will effectively mean no Kenyan team plays for the remainder of the tournament. The disqualification came after other teams from Tunisia and Cameroon raised concerns that the 2 teams had fielded players who had played in foreign leagues in the last 6 months thus forfeiting their positions in the current clubs.
Now for the lure of Arab oil monies, the teams have been banned for 2 years and the players for one year...heavy penalties if you ask me...almost like death knells for them.
Kenya Volleyball Federation(KVF) can't escape the blame since they ought to have alerted the teams of dangers of fielding these players some of who are not even at their best. They ought to have saved the country the embarrassment of having both teams banned and in effect no representation to the country. It tells you why they never secured enough sponsors or are endeared to local firms.
Barbs and more barbs on you KVF !!!


Andruid said...

Apparently the whole thing was a set up and there is no backing eveidence for the claims which are supposed to have been filed in Arabic.

Its a real shame

SportsKenya said...

That shows you who is running the sport. Just when you think you can defend and sell the sport to corporate firms, some buggers decide to s**** it up !