Monday, 30 March 2009

Post-Analysis: Kenya vs Tunisia

Didn't I say so ? Didn't I tell you we would not survive the Carthage Eagles? Our enthusiasm at times gets over us and we expect miracles...well none came this time !
You can't hobble together a team in less than a month and break it right in the middle and expect it to perform. You don't start engaging in petty exchanges with the predecessor for some obvious reasons and still say you have a national team.
Well now we know what we have and what to expect. It's the Nigerian Eagles we'll be facing come June. I'll still not expect anything miraculous with the fixture and we should start working towards saving face depending on the goals we can soak in.
OK, there are some things Mr. Hey did manage to instill and I'd commend. The Kenyan Press has been notorious for trying to extract stories where there are none and basically have no sense of order and decorum. They were shown why it's called residential training. We also had an official announcement for the first 11 televised on the station with the rights ( which is also another plus).
Going forward, we must win ALL our home games if we expect to even come close to qualifying for the Cup of Nations. Given we're facing the Nigerians next should be a good thing since the 2 biggest hurdles will be behind us( can we draw in Lagos? sic)
We can invite 2 or visit a West African nation such as the Ghanaians or Cameroonians and play at least 2 friendlies in such conditions if we're to expect any form of preparations for the team.
We can also ask the Government and FKL (which seems to have won the day) to work with the local teams to ensure the clubs release the players in good time and don't pull such moves as what Mathare United did.
We also need to get a Press or PR person for the team. Patrick Naggi seems to be handling a bit too much and at times can rub off guys. There are enough guys who can muster some decent lines for that purpose...ask me I can give you a few names

Additional Info:
There was some serious branding of the field early in the day. Pepsi-Cola,though a low key player in the Kenyan market decided to throw a spanner in the works by putting up its the Coca-Cola Stadium which looks hideous in the red colours they are painting...
Security was not at its best and were it not for some Government busy bodies, we could have had a rampage after the game. I managed to catch the fans walk 3kms back to town and some caused a ruckus along the busy Uhuru Highway.
The seats used should be thrown in some disposal bags. Why can't we just fix semi-permanent seats? Sports Stadia Management Board's Sam Mwai are you listening ?

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Andruid said...

5 defenders in home match!? Where is the ambition? The bugger was probably plaing for a draw and got a defeat.