Wednesday, 25 March 2009

$$$$ keeps coming...

Now who said we are in a recession? I'm throwing this to you....KSh. 10 million to sponsor Kenyan Golf (ouch !...that's + KSh.12 million booty!)....add another Ksh. 4 million for a shirt sponsorship into the mix !
Kenyan corporates have finally realised they can throw in a few shillings into sport. That's commendable and SportsKenya takes a bow to all those putting in a good 2 cents worth their while.
I do hope they can also make good the longer term commitments in some of these endeavours. I was looking at some sports news from back in the day 1999 when Kenyan rugby 7s was emerging into a mainstream sport. Added to the fact that it's a thrill to watch, it was only time before we rose to the occasion. 2009 and the boys come back from the Rugby Sevens World Cup having proved any doubting Thomases of their worth.
Mirror that to the other disciplines ( of course you must have the right officials managing, multitudes of fans, and an exciting possibility for TV). the meantime....we're watching the stingy types....wherefore art thou Kenyan corporates ?
Kenya Airways invests KSh. 12 million to the East African Classic Safari Rally. Oh I love the way Kenya companies are outdoing each other to sponsor sports events ! It can better can't it ? I'm counting.....

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