Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Football : Can we really play in the World Cup?

Harambee Stars Allan Wanga goes for the ball- Image courtesy of Getty Images

Over the last few weeks has seen a flurry of activities as Kenya prepares for its onslaught proper for the 2010 World Cup. What with the PM himself playing a leading role; fund-raising efforts underway-with a website and sms solution to boot;an expatriate for a coach and all the hullabaloo that's expected to accompany this.
But the skeptic in me is still not convinced about the preparations ( we could even afford to lose the uniform 4 days before the actual tie...truly Kenyan !) and could be up for some beatings.
First up, we host Tunisia coming Saturday at the Coca-Cola National Stadium ( they are repainting it some really screaming colours....will cover that soon!). So far the tickets are out and all you patriotic brothers can get a feel of the live action.
Me, I'll be still scouring at the legal implications against Football Kenya and the missing link between our local game and the international outings.
I'll not humour myself thinking that we can beat the Carthage Eagles from Tunisia...

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