Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rugby 7s fever's back

After raising our expectations to fever pitch levels, the Kenya Rugby 7s team's back in Hong Kong to do what they do best. This is against a backdrop of a successful outing in Dubai well-documented elsewhere.
The team has the expectations of the nation as well as the continent as they stop playing more than a supporting role in the scheme of things at the IRB Sevens Circuit. But we can't for one minute think that other teams are not watching.
Some big teams must have taken tapes of the team's games at the Dubai World Cup and must have had re-runs as part of their training regimes to counter their moves. I do hope the same bodes for Ayimba & Co. This round has been one of the successful outings and a scalping of the top teams as well as challenge for the main Cup is worth fighting for.
We'll be watching though some of us might be torn between the local football team's qualifying, but thanks for the pay TV technology...make us proud !

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