Friday, 20 February 2009

Rugby Sevens….are we there yet ?

The last month or so has seen Kenyans follow with keen interest our boys rock the IRB Sevens rounds in New Zealand and USA. Along our wake has been massive wins over more established sides which got everyone’s attention, with the local media taking it a notch higher by reporting only what served to whip up our deflated spirits (its been an eventful month for most of us...we thought last year was bad…huh !)
True we ought to be happy for our team’s success but again my skeptic self checks in…are we there yet?
Early this week, I caught the Kenya Rugby Football Union KRFU,chairman Richard Omwela being hosted by the only sports FM station in Kenya- Radio Jambo –and was requesting for support for the forthcoming youth rugby tournament which Kenya will be hosting in May. Laughable to say the least, how you can be convinced a few lawyer friends will land enough funds for such an undertaking is funny. The usual song of let’s get the Government’s support will be the next chorus.
We’re also playing in the World Cup Rugby Sevens tourney in Dubai in March and I can tell you it won’t be easy beating the teams as we had done in the earlier series. I’ll not go to the nitty-gritty here but you can find more comprehensive info here.

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