Friday, 20 February 2009

Athletics: Cross-country preparations

The Kenyan trials are in place and the select team for this year’s cross-country challenge will assemble coming Monday at their usual rendezvous in Kigari College-Embu. Athletics Kenya has on its calendar the main cross-country event for qualifying our athletes tomorrow at Ngong Racecourse.
A break from the recent past where the media was allowed access to the athletes was necessitated after Athletics Kenya felt they have been disclosing a tad bit too much to the rest of the world thereby letting our competition know their tactics. A plus from our pundit!
This year will also see the team congregate for at least one month before the championships. This will give them ample time to be able to work on their strategies and also mould unity within their ranks. Another plus!
Usual rendezvous –Kigari? That puzzles our pundit….why would we train relatively high altitude and red soil regions while the competition will be held on man-made tracks in some forlorn though fast-developing desert region? Will the lads be able to work with the heat and the windy conditions? Amman-Jordan will serve these up. A minus if you ask me
This year a number of young athletes will be making their final run as they look to graduate to the more competitive grounds at the race-tracks at the Grand Prix and other athletic meets. This should be one year where they can finally wrestle the individual title from the all-too-familiar Bekele. Thus far he has made enough history and we can’t let him retire without a loss on the trail. Any takers here? Asbel Kiprop and Cherono can you hear me?
Let’s crown the next John Ngugi and Paul Tergat!

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