Friday, 20 February 2009

Kenya Football Fantasies- Harambee Stars get new coach

Bravo! Hurray! A new national coach has been appointed! Kenya can now smile as we look forward to a successful campaign to 2010…
I’ll be usual skeptic and reserve my celebrations for after 2010. If this Government and football management bodies are anything to go by, we have no business going to any major campaigns between now and 2010. That’s from what I see from my penchant position.
How can we place our hopes on one individual/institution while there are serious problems from the underlings? What shame that we seek technical assistance which we can’t even afford and expect to move up the ladders in continental and indeed world football? Our continental challenge through our fledging clubs should inform this decision and see that we have a much urgent job of developing the game at lower rungs if we hope to see more action at higher levels.
Last year was a perfect starting point but with the shenanigans of Football Kenya –with FIFA’s backing thought we can take one step back and muddy the waters again. Now even the Government is once again held ransom by these spoilsports and we think our game will ever move forward. The man they hire doesn't even have what it takes to be a winning coach *<$$$>*?
I’ll need more convincing that some PR job from the Government and FKL body to convince me to go watch any games featuring our local boys. The month of March which also happens to be my birthday month is where we start off and good luck Mr. Hey! You need all the works of a miracle !

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DataMiner said...

I also would not celebrate yet, I'm trying to Google the guy to get more information about him. Why can't the German govt, (or whatever donors), just pay our local coach a good salary...