Friday, 27 February 2009

Hockey: KHU or KUSA?

Last week I carried the article on the KUSA developments and as if on cue, 2 colleges in the Kenya Hockey Union League quit to join the Kenya Universities Sports Association hockey league. I hear there are some burning issues which the newly-elected officials of the KHU had not answered, plus given last year’s fall-out of the officials with major universities over the handling of the Kenya youth team at the continental championships (Kenya players boycotted over unpaid allowances and the team players were subsequently banned on returning from the event from playing with their respective clubs)
Kenyan sports officials seem like they all read from the same scripts and never infuse any professionalism in their respective offices. From hockey to football to athletics we seem to suffer from some fever of sorts.
How I wonder will they make up for the numbers if more university teams (USIU for example) leave? How will they cover for lost fees in entry fees from the teams? House built on sand methinks

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