Friday, 27 February 2009

Football: House of Cards

From the recent resignation (more like forced stepping down) of the KFF Chair Mr. Sam Nyamweya, I’m getting more confused with our game. It’s not the coaches ( 2 who have already lost their jobs, 3 games into the Kenya Premier League proper; or even the national team coach who we recruit from some nondescript African team with such slapdash performance) to our managing boards ( which runs what ?)
The local football scene ought to give you a hint of what our game is going through. Both clubs representing the country in the continental challenges are out ! Now we wait to roasted by Africa’s best in the form of Tunisia and Nigeria?

I keep ruing the reason we got through into the 2nd round of the World Cup qualifiers/Africa Cup of Nations (no offense Francis Kimanzi ! ) but if we hadn’t gotten that far, at least we could have gotten reason to disband the Federation last year ,perhaps even be banned by FIFA(which is really not helping our cause by forming ad-hoc organizations by the name of Football Kenya Limited-to run the local game). That way all the vultures would have no prey to hover around and we could get the game in order once and for all. As I keep saying, wishful thinking!

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