Friday, 27 February 2009

Kenyan Rugby: Same team different roles

As comprehensively covered by my apt-blogger, the expected seismic changes in rugby may not be forthcoming. Without a doubt, Richard O & Co. have enjoyed some good times with the 7s scene really putting them above board on many counts. This is witnessed not just by the success on the grounds and 7s circuit but also on the amount of corporate support they enjoy (Telkom’s KShs.4 million sponsorship of Kenya rugby 7s team to Rugby World Cup)
The qualms come through with less significance of the 15-a-side game where Kenya lags behind our neighbours Uganda. A good initiative is the Bamburi tournament which pits some of the best in Kenyan rugby in select teams. Why can’t we build upon such and make the league more competitive?
The other concern is the lack of countrywide spread of the rugby game. This is seen in the major contributors being Nairobi and its environs and to a smaller extent, Western region. Though we have different tournaments played across the country in the national Sevens circuit, the recruitment and club developments have not been concurrent.
Well, as Mwangi Muthee outlined, Mr. Omwela you have your cloth cut out for now. Ride the wave while you can, we are watching!
Rugby World Cup:
I’ll be rooting for the local boys and expect an upset at the Games but you better watch those top seeds, I’m sure they will take their earlier beatings in the IRB Sevens easy. Come out with your guns, boots and hands blazing! You have our hearts , kazi kwenu ! Follow the RWC here

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