Friday, 5 December 2008

Youth and Sports Ministry Forum

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is holding a 2-day seminar for our local members of parliament to sensitise them on the achievements of the Ministry as well as develop new plans for the coming 3 years as well as be encompassed in the 2030 Vision Kenya.
Good thus far. My issue though was how little sports activities were given credence. The Ministry says it has set up community sports grounds (where?) and youth sports centres (again …where?) and introduced cash reward schemes and honours for our sports personalities. What about the sports policy which was developed and stills lies somewhere in the Ministry’s archives? What of appreciating the growth of sports and introducing incentives for entrepreneurs wishing to invest in developing not just infrastructure but local sports facilities and skills? Maybe you can have a word with the Ministry of Information and Communications and talk to one Mr. Bitange Ndemo who appreciates the pace in which the world is moving.
Retired Col. Murugu, please impress upon our MPs that this industry generates more than its fair share of GDP as well as positive publicity, so they better style up and introduce Bills supporting the commercialization and subsidizing sports programs. 2010 is not too far away…. You know!

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