Friday, 5 December 2008

Nation Media Group launches

The media wars keep reinventing themselves and today one of Kenyan’s premier media station launched This is an innovative way of trying to capture Kenyan youth and seek their indulgence in issues affecting them be they social issues such as music, theatre and personalities but also interacting with their peers through the forum created by an IT platform –a first of its kind in Kenya. A large emphasis is on entertainment which is slowing challenging mainstream business and waking up a hitherto unexplored area.
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This is surely to rival its main competition East Standard which records high sales on Friday through its pull-out The Pulse which has a feel on the pulse of Kenyan entertainment scene and other youth-related issues.
Check out the website for more details.


copperfiled said...

definitely a major breakthrough for the NMG.keep growing NATION. you are truly kenyan.

Anonymous said...

check out

Zuqka runs on an open source CMS called drupal.

you can download it from here

its free. Download and sambaza to your friends.

All kenyans should have their own social network

SportsKenya said...

Thanks Dave & Anon. The It solutions are really creating a revolution in this side of the world. I'll check that out and see what it's all about.

Christine Kajuju said...

Iborian - Be Yourself

Zuqka - Be Famous

Do i smell some beef cooking?