Friday, 5 December 2008

Volleyball Clinics for Kenyan youth

With the holidays now raising the tempo for all the merry-making and short celebrations, a former senior Kenyan coach has made time to hone Kenya’s next generation of volleyballers. This comes at a time when the cream of Kenya’s top volleyball players especially the women are reaching their retirement and most having had a taste of glory in continental and national championships.
Mr Gitau has found time to set up youth clinics in Central Kenya-one of the hotspots for Kenyan volleyball talent. These clinics are aimed at giving the youthful players time out to join their peers and enjoy some technical expertise from local coaches. This is a commendable job and only hope it could be translated to the local clubs as they recruit their players.
They can give a tip of advice to the rest of the sporting community as the rest of the country takes a Christmas break which comes early this year since most Kenyans are compensating for what transpired last year and early this year after the elections.

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