Monday, 8 December 2008

Bull-fighting in Nairobi ?

Some fancy promoter has decided to make life a bit more interesting for Nairobians, insisting that he can bring the bull-fighting sport into the City. A traditional sport mostly in the Western part of Kenya, the practice ( some say it's a sport...???) has attracted attention in the last few years and some local politicians have been known to take advantage and hype their clansmen into the practice.
This year the sport even attracted sponsorship from local companies among them a financial institution. Now the zealous promoter feels its time Kenyans stopped having to plan for the Western trip and have these fights staged right here in the Nairobi.
This has attracted the wrath of animal welfare and rights organisations which feel this is torture against the animals while some politicians have cautioned the promoter to be on the look-out for safety precautions and logistics of transporting and staging the fights.
I'll ask you voice your opinion before making mine known for now.....

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Jackie said...

Disgusting. Certainly will make eco-tourists to Serengeti not bother to pop over the border.