Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Kenyan Sport can do better

Reading from 2008's script, Kenyan sport has blossomed and we can go to the next level. I'll not bore you with the highlights and I can't also start admonishing the different down moments Kenyan sports scene had.
The Standard's Sports Editor, Omulo Okoth put it well on the 27th of Dec ( here), stakeholders need start putting the right structures in place and legislation is one way to get started with this.
I like using the Kenyan football scene which has never seen order for years now- I was reading through my archives and recovered an article which sought to note how the then Football Association of Kenya initiated by then KBL huncho Ken.S.N Matiba absorbed debt to the tune of £2300 starting the Kenyan National Football League in 1973. Circa 2008, we don't know who's running Kenyan football between Football Kenya Limited and KFF !
I'll be at forefront to get our legislators (and what a lot we've got to work with) to work on the necessary legislation. I'd also hope to work with like minds to seek the necessary ways we can transform Kenyan sports.
As a famous person said( paraphrased to suit us)...ask not what you can do for sports but what can you do for sports !

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