Monday, 5 January 2009

Formula 1 :Fernando Alonso's plane in accident at Kenyan Coastal town

With the Formula 1 team Renault boss Flavio Briatore having made Malindi his favourite place for Christmas and New Year festivities, there was bound to be some guests in tow due to the privacy and seclusion they enjoy in their lavish villas in the town of Malindi.
One Fernando Alonso had joined Mr. Briatore probably to strategise for the coming season and see how to comprehensively win the Formula 1 title. A plane mishap in the tourist town of Malindi's tiny airstrip almost denied them that pleasure.
This ought to encourage the authorities to undertake the necessary expansion on this town's airstrip and also look into possibilities of ensuring the facilities available are up to standards. We can't afford to lose such visitors who have been more than benevolent to the Kenyan tourism scene.


Anonymous said...

This should not been news befitting front page coverage. It is only in Kenya where by there is a newsflash everytime a boat load of tourists arrive at the coast. We somehow tell (cheat) ourselves that this will be good for the economy but it really never translates into any tangible benefits. This inferiority complex is borne out in this and other similar articles that have been showcased in the press. Perhaps if Kenya was going to host the formula one race then that maybe - just maybe - deserving of a front page headline.

The Figure said...

Thanks Anon for your comment. I'd not concur with you completely on this. The story had 2 purposes ; to inform that a well-known personality was rollicking on our beaches while the other was that he was involved in mishap of what happened.
I'll agree that we shouldn't blow our small horns of some cruise ships landing on Mombasa.
But guests of the sports personalities kind obviously are info to put forward.
The only sad bit is that now we have now blown their cover and the privacy of their holiday destinations.

Gururaj said...

Briatore and Alonso should have strategized a lot for the 2009 season
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