Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Brand Kenya Awards

2009 is sure looking to start well for the sporting scene in Kenya. We already have the Kenyan team in Kampala playing the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup and boy we better win this one.
The second week of January, the Marketing Society of Kenya supported initiative Brand Kenya will be rewarding Kenyans who have been exemplary to the Kenyan cause. I am sure Kenyan sports personalities will definitely feature in the line-up. I do hope they will not be a sham like has been with such initiatives.
I also hope they can encompass not just recent 'heroes' but some unsung ones from back in the day. They can contact me for some of the sporting ones for that matter...OK enough with that...
Let's meet at KICC on 17th January 2009 for what ought to be true Kenyan experience !
The Brand Kenya board has gotten some KShs. 2 billion to use to market Kenya. I'm hoping this initiative takes shape now since it's been rather a non-starter on most billings. It would be an informed decision not to just sit and draw up fancy papers. This should an opportune time since Kenya has become a regular headliner in international circles for both the right & wrong reasons. One Nesbitt tells us there is a village in the UK which has over 1.5 million visitors while we applaud when we cross the 1 million mark as a country.

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