Monday, 8 December 2008

Golden Boy no more

Oscar de la Hoya otherwise known in boxing circles as Golden Boy suffered another humiliating defeat as he was outboxed, outfoxed and almost outweighed by the Philippine Manny Pacquiao.

Image courtesy of BBC

When do some of these boxers learn their time and reigns are over ?
Another boxer in the shape of Evander Holyfield is trying to become the oldest heavyweight boxer title holder ar 46 when he meets one of the Klitschko brothers ,Wladimirlater this month.This guy is one of the hardest hitting punchers n the ring right now.That for me is suicidal enough
After watching de la Hoya being humiliated in the ring, Holyfield had better know what he's getting into. He hasn't lost the dignity yet and he seems to be stable still. Not wanting to sound insensitive, he can ask for a word or two from Ali or de la Hoya too.
For Oscar, I think fight promoting is a more viable option now, Manny vs Ricky Hatton would be a hot one for any promoter worth his salt.

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