Thursday, 20 November 2008

Volleyball : Who's the 'Man'?

Finally the curtains are drawn on the Kenya Volleyball 2007 season. The year's been a mixed bag of fortunes. Starting with the wo-men, the individual clubs put up a very good show with top seeds KCB and Kenya Pipeline being dethroned from African club championship by Kenya Prisons.
KCB managed to win the play-offs thus qualifying automatically for the club championships. Kenya Pipeline and Prisons play for the 2nd slot.
The major misfiring was loss to the North Africans to represent Africa in the Olympics. Our ladies did give it a good shot but this was not their time. This exposed some of the weaknesses and technical aspects which will need to be worked on by next qualifiers.
All good so far.
When we turn into the men's game, it is another ball game altogether. Our men have become whipping kids for major countries which seems like some serious imbalance to me. What expertise do the wo-men who ironically are coached by men - from Paul Bitok to Gerald Lung'aho, Sylvester Kioko...all MEN ? That more fans flock the wo-men games than the men is a bitter truth that our men have to deal with.
That's some dilemma right there for Kenya Volleyball Federation. Who's the man ?

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