Monday, 17 November 2008

Kenyan Football :- Anything new ?

Now I'm totally confused and getting miffed even by the FIFA officials. Since when did you paint a red Ferrari blue and say that it's new and fresh and all that goes with it ?
Just as Kenyan football officials ( most who can't hold a light of innocence or decency) were preparing for elections in December, FIFA through one Ashford Mamelodi comes to Kenya and decides to change KFF to Football Kenya. This Sir doesn't end the wrangles and doesn't change in anyway the face of Kenyan football. It's just a change of name, PERIOD.
Looking at the directors of the newly formed company makes want to scream my head off ! Kasuve, Hatimy, Okul......we don't have better guys to run the game in the country ? What's the haste in changing the name and what use is it ?
I'll not even give them more time on this blog, it's making me lose my mind ####******!!!!!
See this and this for more detail


Andruid said...

That Ashford fella is in need of an emergency liposuction and stomach stapling lol.

On a serious note apparently some clubs have already reject the new but unlikely to be improved FK company.

Sportskenya said...

Case of new wine in old wine-skins ! Same old same old....I highly doubt that they have any serious agenda for Kenyan football.
GOK should intervene, I'll stand to be corrected if anything new comes through. That way we can find fresh hands to run the sport.
Thnx for ur comments, u r becoming a regular on this blog !

DataMiner said...

TM, welcome to the party. Never seen you so

Sportskenya said...

Is it a Kenyan thing or do we just love screwing (4giv my language)ourselves each time opportunities arise? 2010's a touch away but look at what our guys are doing ? + SA's not going to give a damn whether we sought our mess or not. When will it get thro the thick heads of Kenyan sports officials ?