Thursday, 20 November 2008

African Women's basketball comes to Kenya

African women club championships started in Kenya's capital today. The FIBA affiliated championship will feature some of Africa's powershouses, Angola, Congo and Nigeria. This comes at a time when Kenya basketball seems to have sunk to its lowest.
This should be an opportune time for Kenyan basketball officials to engage with the visiting coaches and technical personnel to see best ways of improving the Kenyan game. Interestingly just like their counterparts in volleyball, the Kenyan women have improved their game with the under 21 reaching the semi-finals of the continental championships even after going to a tournament with an under-strength team.

Angolan ladies train at the KCB Sports Den,Ruaraka on Thika Road -Photo courtesy of NMG

The corporate involvement too has been wanting but I can't blame them, numbers have to be right for them. For the current tournament, Coca-Cola Kenya has decided to cool your thirst with a free drink on entrance. The games will be played at the Nyayo National Gymnasium due to accessibility though in my thinking, Kasarani sports centre would have been a bigger and better venue for the games.
With the KBF Play-offs taking a back seat before knowing the ultimate winners, the clubs involved had better send their technical teams there and take notes. Cameras and digital cameras are affordable these days so no excuses. Schools on holiday can send their players too to learn the basics of the game from Africa's finest.
Let's learn a thing or two and hope to see you all there !
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