Monday, 11 August 2008

KBC's handiwork

Over the weekend I didn't get to sit around as intended to watch the Olympics as they rolled on to action. However I managed to sneak views here and there while on my line of duty.
Thanks for the national broadcaster for being able to air the events from Beijing ( though the Chinese national broadcaster has made this possible). But please spare us some of the regurgitation taking place while they are screening. Why do they have to repeat some comments like a myriad times ? When the signal goes off (as is prone to do once in awhile), these guys put in some ridiculous fillers to cover the void.
What has suprised me though is the number of sponsors, does the marketing department in KBC want us to believe they can not do better than this ?

By the way, who said that since we are from Africa all we want to see is African teams' coverage ? Some inspired Kenyan youth may want to participate in the gymnastics,squash or other disciplines.

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