Friday, 8 August 2008

All eyes on Beijing-China

What a Bird's Nest ! Home to Roost ?

For the next 2 weeks the world will be fixated on the sporting spectacle that is the Olympics. Beijing is going to dazzle us with all the razzmatazz and cultural melting pot that is China.
Critics have made their name talking about the human rights issues, the pollution levels in the heavily industrialised nature of the cities,racial discrimination and the low profile given to disasters plaguing the country in the recent months.
Some have even branded the Chinese officials as playing closely to the Germany of 1936 when the regime had sort of a 'coming out party' to the rest of the world. All these and more will be bandied around as the world comes to the most populace country in the world.
They may not be all that perfect and true not much is known about Chinese cultural practices and other ideals until very recently. What's true is that any country with such resources and muscle needs to have a go at hosting the Games thus exposing not just their good and intended nature but also the backstreets which most Governments never like showing.
As for those who can afford it, land there in one piece and get to enjoy the marvels. As for the rest of us, TV time's just go up by another couple of hours
(note the time difference between Beijing is 5 hours i.e. if it's 12 noon in Kenya then it's 5 p.m in Beijing)

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